Deven Wohlwend on If a Teenager Can Do It, So Can You!


In this captivating episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, hosted by Vicki Noethling, entrepreneurial prodigy Deven Wohlwend shares his inspiring journey, revealing how he ventured into business and real estate investment as early as 5 years old. Vicki skillfully navigates the conversation, addressing his major challenges, the impact of effective communication on his success, and his goals for the upcoming year. From his bestselling books to ownership of over 45 units, Deven's story is a testament to the possibilities of early entrepreneurship. Tune in for insights on staying focused and motivated while navigating both childhood and business. #EntrepreneurshipJourney #YoungEntrepreneur #LeadershipConfidence #RealEstateInvesting #SuccessStories #PodcastInterview