During this engaging episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, host Vicki Noethling delves into the extraordinary journey of Deven Wohlwend, who kicked off his entrepreneurial pursuits at the tender age of 5. Deven not only started his own company at 7 but also ventured into real estate investment, publishing his first book at 11 and achieving a #1 best-selling status on Amazon in Children’s Money Books at 15.

The interview explores Deven Wohlwend’s significant accomplishments, from owning over 45 units to his accreditation as an investor and his leadership role in the “Millionaires in Training (MIT)” group. Vicki skillfully navigates the conversation, incorporating insightful questions such as how effective communication has played a role in his success. Additionally, the podcast sheds light on Deven’s future aspirations for the year, providing a glimpse into his ongoing journey and commitment to growth.

The discussion concludes with thought-provoking questions aimed at inspiring the podcast’s audience to consider entrepreneurship. Deven shares insights into the importance of effective communication in his journey and elaborates on his goals for the upcoming year. As the episode unfolds, listeners are encouraged to reflect on the benefits of embracing entrepreneurship at a young age, with Deven offering compelling reasons for students to consider this path.

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