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Beth McDaniel on The Abundant Opportunities for Women in Technology and Science

Beth McDaniel, a trailblazing female executive in technology, shares her inspiring journey of overcoming underestimation and leading innovation. With a passion for addressing climate change, she is actively engaged in developing a paint system that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose. Join us in celebrating her remarkable achievements and commitment to a sustainable future!

“I believe we need to leave the world a better place and use our gifts to make a lasting value and impact. I urge you to overcome your fear of public speaking. Find your authentic voice and self. Become a confident, innovative leader.”

Vicki Noethling

Vicki Noethling is a speaker, trainer, coach on Leadership in the 21st Century, author, and podcast host with over 40 years’ combined industry experience.

She launched The Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, in part, to share her expertise as a speaking mentor. She is starting a new movement that helps you powerfully and authentically become the best version of yourself.

By example, Vicki is creating a new message for leadership confidence by exemplifying how your network is your net worth.


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