In this episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, hosted by Vicki Noethling, the guest is Dr. Tasha Golden, Director of Research at the International Arts & Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins. As an expert in creativity and well-being, Dr. Golden’s research is instrumental in reshaping conventional norms in areas such as health, education, and workplaces. The podcast explores the theme “Igniting Change, Improving Well-Being,” emphasizing the transformative power of asking insightful questions over having all the answers.

The conversation delves into Dr. Golden’s personal journey, addressing her experience as a career artist with a history of trauma and major depression. She offers valuable advice to fellow artists, highlighting the importance of self-care and acknowledging that supporting others doesn’t make them mere mental health vending machines but fellow humans in need of support.

Key topics covered include the significance of igniting change for improved well-being, insights from Dr. Golden’s eBook “Arts on Prescription – a Field Guide for US Communities,” and her research findings on the intersection of music and mental health. The episode concludes with a glimpse into Dr. Golden’s future endeavors.

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