Are you ready to transform your leadership skills with the power of emotional intelligence? Join Vicki Noethling on the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast as she interviews Stevie Dawn Carter, a seasoned entrepreneur and nationally acclaimed speaker. With a stellar track record as a five-time business owner and bestselling author, Stevie Dawn brings two decades of expertise in emotional intelligence, communication, and leadership to the table. Armed with a master’s degree in Sociology and a Doctorate in Leadership, she seamlessly integrates academic knowledge with practical insights from corporate, government, and non-profit sectors. As the CEO of Empathix, Stevie Dawn is on a mission to create emotionally intelligent organizations through innovative corporate training. In this episode, she dives deep into the essence of emotional intelligence, the impact of empathy on communication, and strategies for setting boundaries in leadership roles. Don’t miss her valuable tips on becoming an empathetic leader and her fascinating journey to becoming a professional speaker. Tune in to unlock the secrets to cultivating emotional intelligence and empathy in your leadership journey.

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Use this link to visit Stevie’s website to learn more about Stevie and how she might be of service.

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