In this episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, host Vicki Noethling sits down with Scott Maderer, co-founder of Inspired Stewardship, a business dedicated to helping Christian men and couples live out their calling. Scott shares his journey from a career in education to founding Inspired Stewardship with his wife Carrie, emphasizing the importance of aligning time, talent, and treasures to live authentically. As certified Human Behavior Consultants and members of the John Maxwell Team, Scott and Carrie focus on aiding individuals in understanding themselves and others, ultimately building a fulfilling life and serving the greater good. The interview delves into using the DISC assessment to enhance communication and leadership skills, as well as practical advice on managing personal and business finances. Additionally, Scott provides insights from his book “Inspired Living,” outlining a four-part framework to help people discover their true calling. Throughout the conversation, Scott offers valuable strategies for transitioning from unfulfilling work to a purpose-driven career and addresses common challenges such as time management and financial constraints.

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Scott has created a link that will connect you to free resources on time, talent, or treasures depending on the focus of the interview.

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