Are you ready to transform your management mess into leadership success? Join Vicki Noethling as she sits down with Scott Jeffrey Miller, the mastermind behind Franklin Covey’s thought-leadership strategy and host of the world’s largest weekly leadership podcast. In this episode titled ‘Going from Management Mess to Leadership Success,’ Scott shares his journey from chaos to clarity, offering invaluable insights garnered from interviews with top business minds like Seth Godin and Susan Cain. Dive deep as they discuss turning marketing messes into branding triumphs, the importance of great managers for every employee, and the secrets to becoming a standout player in any organization. Tune in for actionable advice and expert guidance on leadership, management, and personal development. Get ready to unlock your true potential and soar to new heights in your career!

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Take your career from accidental to intentional by visiting Scott’s newest website and engaging with his content.

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