In this episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, host Vicki Noethling engages in a dynamic conversation with Regina Huber, the CEO of Transform Your Performance. With a background that spans five continents, including leadership roles at The Boston Consulting Group and ownership of businesses in Argentina, Brazil, and the US, Huber is a multi-cultural Transformational Leadership Coach, International Inspirational Speaker, and author of “Speak Up, Stand Out, and Shine.” She shares insights into her journey and the inspiration behind her business, highlighting her three signature coaching frameworks: Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT)โ„ข, New-Paradigm Leadership (NPL)โ„ข, and Get Your Dream Salaryโ„ข.

Huber delves into the importance of a Self-Empowering Mindset & Heartset, emphasizing why mindset alone is insufficient. The conversation explores the significance of passion and its connection to distinctive uniqueness. Huber introduces the concepts of Body- and Energy-Conscious Presence, illustrating how they contribute to a powerful business presence. The episode concludes with Huber offering practical tips for individuals aspiring to distinguish themselves as leaders or leadership candidates.

During the Rapid-Fire segment, Huber discusses the influence of her passion for dance on her work and addresses common challenges faced by women in advancing their careers. The episode is a rich exploration of leadership, mindset, passion, and presence, providing valuable insights for aspiring leaders.

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