In this episode of the “Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast” hosted by Vicki Noethling, the guest is Paul Zolman, an international bestselling author of “The Role of Love: But the True Author of Love is God.” Paul’s unique perspective on love stems from his challenging childhood experiences with the absence of love. Growing up in an abusive family, he developed a distorted understanding of love, equating it with physical touch due to its regularity, though he knew deep down this was a twisted belief.

Paul shares how he embarked on a personal journey to transform his life from anger and resentment to loving everyone. His book outlines a method that helped him shift his paradigm, allowing him to find the good in people in any circumstance. During the interview, they discuss the transformation individuals can expect through Paul’s method, where to find his book, and the benefits of implementing this system in schools or educational settings. This episode offers a compelling and inspirational story of overcoming adversity to discover the power of love in the most challenging of circumstances.

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