Have a fear of failure? Then you will want to check out the latest episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast hosted by Vicki Noethling who is interviewing Paul Crosby. Paul is one of the Founders & CEO at The Uncommon League. Paul is also a full-time instructor for Project Management, Agile, and Strategic Enterprise Analysis. He is the author of “Fail Fast Fail Safe – Harnessing Failure to Succeed” and “The Uncommon Book of Analysis Techniques” books. Paul has presented at events all over North America and Europe including BA World, Project Summit, Local IIBA Chapter Meetings and other events. During the interview Paul shared his interesting story and his “Why” for creating the Uncommon League.  Vicki and Paul discuss just why he is so passionate about helping people break through glass ceilings. The conversation then touches on Paul’s perspective on why women and minorities often struggle to break into the tech industry. Finally, Vicki asks Paul to share a bit about his book, Fail Fast – Fail Safe.




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