In this empowering episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, hosted by Vicki Noethling, Parker Harris shares his remarkable journey from landing his dream job at a Fortune 100 technology company to founding Junto Global. As he delves into his experiences and insights, Harris discusses the pivotal moment when advice from top executives prompted him to forge a different path, ultimately leading to the creation of a mastermind inspired by Benjamin Franklin.

Listeners gain valuable insights as Harris addresses key entrepreneurial questions, such as the definition and significance of a mastermind, the mental models beneficial for entrepreneurs, and effective ways to prepare for entrepreneurship. The discussion extends to identifying business bottlenecks, the correlation between personal development and business success, and the crucial habits that contribute to entrepreneurial success. Harris also provides valuable tips on creating work-life balance and managing the noise in life.

Throughout the episode, Harris navigates rapid-fire questions, offering quick yet impactful advice on how entrepreneurs can benefit from joining a mastermind and strategies for handling life’s distractions. Tune in to this episode for a wealth of wisdom that resonates with aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

Keywords: leadership confidence, entrepreneurship, mastermind, business success, personal development, work-life balance, mental models, entrepreneur habits, business strategies, Junto Global.

This link exposes listeners to a mastermind of curated entrepreneurs who challenge and support each other’s personal and professional success.

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