In this episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, hosted by Vicki Noethling, renowned sales advisor and author Nigel Green shares his wealth of experience and insights into optimizing sales team performance. As a sought-after expert with over a decade of executive experience, Green has successfully collaborated with B2B sales teams worldwide, doubling sales results for many. Private equity firms rely on his expertise to evaluate and enhance the sales teams of their portfolio companies. Throughout the interview, Green discusses crucial topics such as the optimal timing for hiring a sales leader, the key expectations from a sales leader, and the strategies for identifying and recruiting the right salespeople. He delves into the nuances of sustaining sales growth and offers his seven sales leadership principles for consistent success. The rapid-fire questions, including the motivation behind his book “Revenue Harvest,” provide valuable insights into Green’s perspective and offer practical advice for sales professionals at any stage in their careers.

This link leads to his webpage where you can find everything about Nigel Green – his story, his book, eBook, audiobook, a cool hiring course, and even some free goodies. Your listeners would get a real boost from Nigel’s experience and practical resources.


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