In this dynamic episode of The Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, host Vicki Noethling interviews online entrepreneur, Lauren Gaggioli, about the often-intimidating world of SEO. Lauren’s expertise shines through as she shares valuable insights, making SEO less daunting. Lauren explains that entrepreneurs benefit from naming a purpose bigger than their business, as it gives them a sense of direction and meaning. Most people struggle with this because they lack clarity. By naming your Big Why, you not only find balance, but also infuse more joy into your life.

Lauren demystifies SEO and organic content marketing, highlighting their importance for online entrepreneurs. She provides solopreneurs with practical tips to leverage SEO effectively on a smaller scale.

In the Rapid-Fire round, Lauren tackles the question of whether blogging is dead and more.  Tune in for a condensed, yet informative episode that will demystify SEO and inspire you to find your purpose.

On Lauren’s website, you’ll find links to all that she does: articles she’s written, the courses and services she offers, and resources she has available to support the listeners.

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