The “Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast,” hosted by Vicki Noethling, features an insightful episode with special guest Lara Schaeffer, a seasoned educator and autism advocate. Lara’s remarkable journey unfolds in this episode as she shares her experience of receiving a late autism diagnosis in her forties after a long and successful career in teaching and mentoring. The central theme of this podcast episode is “Discovering Autism in Adults.”

Lara delves into her personal story, describing her path to self-discovery and the challenges she faced in recognizing her autism. Vicki acknowledges Lara’s impressive accomplishments and inquiries about the potential difficulties she encountered when disclosing her diagnosis to family, friends, and colleagues.

The conversation shifts to valuable advice for women who suspect they might be on the autism spectrum, as Lara offers insights on self-awareness and self-assessment. She also highlights her autism advocacy work, sharing her efforts to support late-identified autistics through her consultancy, Autism Discovery, and guiding adults in informed self-evaluation for autism.

The podcast explores Lara’s decision to transition away from her teaching career and embark on a new path with her business, finetunENG. Lara elucidates the reasons behind this pivotal decision and defines the objectives of her new venture, targeting an audience seeking personalized guidance and support.

In the rapid-fire round, Lara discusses her role in supporting her daughter as she navigates life as a woman with autism and leaves the audience with two key takeaways, emphasizing the importance of self-discovery and the value of seeking appropriate support and guidance for individuals on the autism spectrum.

If you think that a pre-session video chat might help you make your decision about booking with Lara, she is happy to do that free of charge.

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