In this episode of the “Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast,” host Vicki Noethling interviews Josh Parish, a remarkable individual with a unique life journey. Josh’s childhood was marked by frequent moves and struggles with self-acceptance, eventually leading him to a transformation from an overweight teenager to a confident young adult. However, his quest for acceptance took him down a turbulent path, including a stint as a Chippendale-style dancer and involvement in the nightclub scene, where he picked up bad habits. Later, he had a turbulent relationship with his biological father and experienced setbacks in his career, culminating in debilitating nerve pain. Today, Josh is a teacher of personal transformation, a successful health and fitness coach, a soft tissue therapist, and a real estate sales professional, with a wealth of experiences and knowledge to share. The podcast delves into topics such as rapid ascension and transformation, achieving success in any industry, finding elite mentors, selfless selfishness, overcoming obstacles, mastering social adaptability, and challenging mainstream fitness beliefs.

Visit Josh’s Instagram transformation coaching page. This is where all his wisdom is distilled and where folks will find the link to sign up with Josh. 

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