In this episode of the “Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast” hosted by Vicki Noethling, the guest, Jeff Kikel, a seasoned finance professional with over 25 years of experience in personal and business owner financial planning, wealth management, and exit strategy planning, shares his insights on the concept of “Freedom Day.” He discusses how this idea, which he introduced to his clients in 2010, is a more relatable and actionable goal than traditional retirement. Jeff explains that Freedom Day is the day when you no longer have to work for income, and he has helped countless clients achieve it through investment, side incomes, and real estate strategies. As an author of six books on topics including personal finance, estate planning, and entrepreneurship, Jeff provides valuable advice on planning for one’s own Freedom Day. The podcast delves into various topics, including the challenges people face in understanding retirement, the importance of having a side gig, and why becoming an investor or business owner can be a path to financial freedom. Jeff also addresses the question of whether Freedom Day matters if you love your job, offering insights and tips for individuals stuck in unfulfilling jobs. The episode concludes with a rapid-fire round where Jeff shares his top financial planning tip and discusses non-traditional investment options.

People can go to Jeff’s landing page and download the first chapter of Freedom Day. They can also get a Free Plus Shipping offer for the book.

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