In this empowering episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, hosted by Vicki Noethling, the spotlight is on Jannette Anderson—a seasoned entrepreneur with almost four decades of experience in launching, leading, and mentoring over 250 businesses. With 35+ years of personal development facilitation and coaching expertise, Jannette brings a wealth of knowledge on making the mental aspect crucial for business success.

The episode delves into Jannette’s journey, exploring her initial resistance to the vision that eventually led to the creation of Bodacity in 2016. Despite the initial hesitation, the community and movement she envisioned are now coming to life when needed the most. Jannette’s commitment to being a dream catalyst is evident, and she shares her mission of inspiring a dance of passion and compassion that pushes individuals to their edges.

Key questions are posed and answered, including Jannette’s personal journey, the inspiration behind her mission to shift the world from fear to love, and insights into the 6 “C’s.” The podcast also explores Jannette’s dedication to eliminating the epidemic of ‘Not Enoughness’ and the importance of showcasing women in their 60s in a celebratory episode.

Listeners are treated to an engaging discussion about embracing diversity and the significance of breaking free from societal expectations. As Jannette shares her insights, the episode unfolds as a source of inspiration for individuals seeking to turn their dreams into a kick-ass reality. Don’t miss this transformative conversation that combines business wisdom, personal development, and a celebration of the journey through life’s various seasons.

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