In this interview, Hilary DeCesare, an award-winning business expert, bestselling author, and founder of The ReLaunch Co. and The Fired-Up Entrepreneur Signature Course, shared her insights on empowering mid-life women to experience joy and reimagine possibilities personally and professionally using her innovative framework, the 3HQ™.

Key points discussed in the interview:

  1. The 3HQ Method: Hilary introduced her 3HQ™ framework, which is critical for achieving business success. The 3HQ™ stands for “Heart, Head, and Health,” and it focuses on aligning these three aspects of an individual’s life to create a balanced and successful business.
  2. Highest Self: Hilary shared her perspective on what “Highest Self” means to her. This concept involves tapping into one’s authentic self, values, and strengths to reach their full potential.
  3. 4-Step Tune-In Process: The interview covered how the 4-Step Tune-In Process can be used for ultimate success. Details on these steps were likely provided during the interview to help listeners understand the practical application of this process.
  4. Importance of Personal Energy: Hilary emphasized the significance of personal energy in achieving transformative success, both personally and professionally. Managing and optimizing personal energy can lead to greater overall well-being and productivity.

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