In this captivating episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, host Vicki Noethling delves into an inspiring conversation with Gregory Thompson, a former federal inmate who spent over 20 years incarcerated. Hailing from California, Gregory shares his remarkable journey from a drug dealer catering to big-name rock bands and surfers to transforming his life within the confines of prison. With determination, he collaborated with a friend to develop a unique business – a beer and entertainment company, with their first brew, “Shanked,” now making waves in the market.

During the interview, Gregory opens up about the challenges he faced during his incarceration, navigating government-imposed barriers post-release, and the extraordinary comeback story that led to the release of his book, “False Confessions,” and the upcoming album “It’s About Time.”

Vicki explores insightful questions, covering topics such as Gregory’s hometown, the difficulties unique to his startup journey, the impact of lengthy imprisonment on a person, and the intriguing names behind their beers – “Shanked,” “Escapa,” and “Shotcaller.” The conversation also touches on the challenges faced by prison authors and concludes with a reflection on what Gregory wishes he knew at the age of 30.

This episode is a compelling narrative of resilience and transformation, offering valuable insights into overcoming adversity and finding success against all odds. Tune in for an extraordinary story of triumph, laced with real-life prison escapades and the determination to create a new path.

The website gives the listeners a wide view of what we are doing and what we have accomplished. Book samples, free music downloads and descriptions of our beer. Also, the first three chapters of the story of the company’s founders are available to be read. They can also read the blog which is a bizarre take on the business from L. Roy Crow, one of the founder’s alter-ego.

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