The “Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast” with Vicki Noethling welcomes special guest Eric Wohlwend, a seasoned Real Estate Investor with over two decades of experience. Eric’s impressive portfolio includes the successful repositioning of over a thousand units, spanning single and multi-family residential properties, as well as various commercial real estate ventures, with hundreds still under his control. Notably, he is the author of multiple #1 Best-selling books, including “Family Success Triangle,” which outlines his unique approach to integrating business, family, and investing.

During the podcast, Eric shares insights into how he motivated and engaged his children in the world of business, leading them to purchase real estate assets independently by the age of seven, all without relying on parental funds or credit. Eric’s family’s journey extends beyond their investments, as they travel North America together, continuously learning, growing, and passionately teaching others how to achieve financial, time, and location freedom. The podcast delves into topics such as Eric’s methods for motivating both his children and his team, his vision for making the world a better place, and his ultimate life goal. The episode concludes with a rapid-fire round covering crucial concepts like financial freedom and intergenerational wealth.

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