In this episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast with host Vicki Noethling, negotiation expert Dorothy Mashburn shares invaluable insights on mastering confidence and negotiation skills to champion diversity and close the gender pay gap. As a seasoned authority in negotiation and a passionate advocate for the underserved, Mashburn empowers minorities and women to secure their dream jobs and salaries. Covering essential topics like answering salary expectations, knowing when to walk away from a negotiation, and building executive presence, this episode is a goldmine for anyone looking to enhance their confidence and negotiation prowess. With rapid-fire questions touching on lessons learned and future aspirations, listeners gain actionable strategies and debunked myths to navigate the corporate landscape with grace and power. Tune in to discover how to build a strong personal brand on LinkedIn and unleash your full potential. #LeadershipConfidence #NegotiationSkills #GenderPayGap #SalaryNegotiation #ExecutivePresence #PersonalBrand #LinkedInTips

Dorothy is making available for free the script she has used to ask for and receive thousands of dollars in additional compensation. I want you to own your financial security by negotiating the pay raise you deserve!

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