In this riveting episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, host Vicki Noethling interviews Denzil Eden, the innovative mind behind Smarty, an all-in-one AI productivity assistant designed to optimize your daily life. As a trailblazing solo female technical founder, Denzil brings a wealth of knowledge from her AI-focused degree at MIT, an MBA from Harvard, and a successful tenure at Microsoft. Denzil shares invaluable insights on raising $2.5M as a first-time founder and offers strategic advice for solo entrepreneurs navigating the funding landscape. She explores the transformative impact of AI on workplace productivity, drawing from her rich background in coding and engineering. Tune in to learn about the Three Ps of AIβ€”Personalized, Predictive, and Proactiveβ€”and discover how Denzil’s experiences can help you lead smarter, integrate AI seamlessly, and maximize every minute of your day. Keywords: AI productivity, solo female founder, startup funding, AI integration, workplace productivity, leadership, entrepreneurship.

Level up your productivity and plan your best day, every day with Smarty. Let AI manage your schedule so you can focus on what really matters. Smarty helps you create routines, stick to them, and automate those pesky administrative tasks with conversational commands (like, creating calendar events: “Coffee with Stella at Blue Bottle at 3pm CT”, or drafting and sending emails: “Send a thank you to Ash at 3pm tomorrow”).

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