Ready to scale your business to new heights? Join us on the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast as we sit down with strategic thinker Dave Pennington to explore the secrets of ‘Strategic Scaling.’ Are you equipped to hire, onboard, and retain top talent for sustainable growth? Let’s uncover the answers together in this insightful episode! With over 35 years of management experience across pastoral ministry, private education, and the business world, Dave delves into his journey to founding Penn Coaching & Consulting. He discusses his proprietary “Strategic Scaling Framework” designed to help businesses hire, onboard, develop, and retain highly productive employees. Dave addresses key challenges faced by leaders, such as hiring the right talent, equipping sales teams for success, and the importance of onboarding and training for company growth. Tune in as Dave offers actionable insights for leaders aiming to navigate the waters of business expansion and achieve sustainable growth.

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