In this episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, hosted by Vicki Noethling, Vicki interviews Darlene Greene, a Health and GHK-CU (Copper Peptide) and Stem Cell Activation Technology Consultant, and a retired US Navy Commander. Darlene is on a mission to empower individuals to take control of their health by utilizing affordable technology that offers a range of benefits, from reducing pain and inflammation to enhancing mental clarity and cardiovascular functioning. Drawing on her extensive background in executive leadership and military service, Darlene shares her journey of discovering a groundbreaking technology that significantly improved her husband’s Early Alzheimer’s symptoms without the need for drugs or prescriptions.

Throughout the podcast, Darlene delves into the science behind GHK-CU and how foundation cell activation patches work to elevate the peptide, activate stem cells, and promote various health improvements. Vicki poses insightful questions, exploring the benefits of these patches, their affordability, and the diverse applications for different individuals. Darlene also shares her experiences in the Navy, highlighting her 20 years of military service and the creation of the Returning Warrior Weekend Workshop, a program supporting military members and their spouses in successful reintegration.

The conversation covers key topics such as the significance of GHK-CU, the various patches available, their potential impact on age reversal, and the endorsement of the technology by medical professionals, including an anesthesiologist who deems it the most significant medical breakthrough. Listeners gain valuable insights into a revolutionary approach to health and wellness, leaving them curious about the potential benefits for their own well-being and eager to explore the accessible technology discussed in the episode.

This is Darlene’s website where guests can dive into how the technology works to elevate your GHK-CU and activate your foundation cells, the multitude of benefits, the over 90 clinical studies, the patents, the photos, testimonials, and see details on the suite of products. Guests can request additional information as well as purchase products from this website.

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