In this empowering episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, host Vicki Noethling sits down with Chelsea Husum, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, author, and soon-to-be podcast host. As a trailblazer in the male-dominated Construction industry, Chelsea shares her journey of resilience and overcoming adversity, tackling challenges head-on while balancing a bustling family life with two young sons and a supportive husband. From discussing her upcoming book release in March 2024 to delving into the unique aspects of her construction company, Chelsea offers valuable insights on turning life’s curveballs into triumphs. Throughout the interview, she reflects on the lessons learned from her challenges, emphasizing the importance of resilience, and seizing hidden opportunities. With a focus on community and family, Chelsea shares tips on managing overwhelm and maintaining confidence amidst a busy schedule. Tune in to discover how Chelsea Husum embodies the spirit of resilience and empowers others to thrive in the face of adversity.

Visit Chelsea’s website to learn more.

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