In this episode of the “Find Your Leadership Confidence” podcast with Vicki Noethling, the guest Carolyn Mahboubi, a distinguished Life and Leadership Coach, shares her wealth of experience spanning over four decades. As a seasoned coach, she empowers individuals of all ages to take control of their lives, families, and businesses, leading with Radical Responsibility. The theme of the episode is “How to Be a Fierce Giver.”

Throughout the interview, Mahboubi takes listeners back to her early beginnings and explains the strong connection between leadership and coaching. She introduces her unique concept of distinguishing between “Amateurs” and “Pros” in her work and elaborates on the differences between coaching and therapy. For those already working with a coach, she offers valuable tips to “supercharge” their coaching experience.

If you’re someone who has an insatiable appetite for self-growth, join Carolyn Mahboubi’s curated community. Carolyn shares weekly insights to provoke your thinking.

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