Laura Bowers on How to Resuscitate a Dying PMO-Strategies for Revival


🎙️ Uncover the power of AI in project management with Laura Bowers, CEO of The PMO Boss, in our latest podcast episode! 🚀 Discover the game changing B.O.S.S. Method and gain insights into the best and worst practices from 20 years of leadership. 🌐 Why are leadership and culture the secret ingredients for project success? Laura spills the beans! 💡 Plus, get three crucial tips for entrepreneurs looking to leverage AI in their business. Don't miss this episode's gems on team revitalization, small business success, and more! 🔑✨ #LeadershipSecrets #ProjectManagement #AIPoweredSuccess #BOSSMethod #EntrepreneurialTips #TeamRevitalization #SmallBizSuccess #LeadershipImpact #PodcastWisdom #BusinessInnovation 🎧