In this episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, host Vicki Noethling engages in a dynamic conversation with Anne Donovan, a distinguished Human Resources leader renowned for her innovative programs and training that have significantly enhanced employee retention and leadership performance across various industries. Drawing on her expertise in conducting extensive employee feedback research, Anne discusses how she designs initiatives to address underlying workforce issues. The podcast delves into Anne’s notable achievements, including reducing turnover, implementing retention programs, spearheading leadership development initiatives, and creating succession plans. Anne shares insights on leading culture shifts and managing change during challenging times, emphasizing her people-first philosophy in building high-performing teams.

The interview covers a range of intriguing topics, such as the game-changing books Anne has recently read, dispelling misconceptions about HR, addressing the current HR challenges faced by small businesses, the importance of mentoring in career development, overcoming setbacks in her career, and the valuable advice she would give her younger self before starting her business. Anne also reveals her favorite aspects of working in Human Resources and introduces her unique “No Rules Rule.”

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