In this engaging episode of the “Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast,” hosted by Vicki Noethling, listeners are treated to an insightful interview with Steve Turner, the COO of Beyond Resilience LLC and President of Flow Business Solution. With a degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin and a distinguished 34-year career at UPS, Steve shares his leadership journey spanning Operations, Finance, Accounting, and Technology. Having led teams globally during UPS’ expansion, he emphasizes the universal truth that while cultures may vary, hearts do not. Steve advocates for a leadership style that prioritizes caring for employees, training them for success, and appreciating their individuality. The episode delves into key questions, such as Steve’s beginnings, his current focus, the difference between managing and leading, and the significance of his approach. The rapid-fire questions touch on target industries, long-term goals, and the learnability of his leadership philosophy. Tune in to discover valuable insights and leadership wisdom from Steve Turner.

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Use this link to access our introductory video for our audio training series. It is in a podcast interview format. There will also be access to additional methods of contact if that is necessary.

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