🎙️ In this riveting episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, hosted by Vicki Noethling, listeners embark on a transformative journey with Steve McCready, renowned psychotherapist turned impactful coach for solo and small-business owners. Tackling the common dilemma of allowing emotions to steer the entrepreneurial ship, Steve unveils potent strategies to navigate the turbulent waters of business ownership without suppressing vital feelings.

Through insightful dialogue, Steve reveals indispensable insights on overcoming analysis paralysis, banishing self-doubt, and embracing imperfection as a catalyst for growth. He shares actionable tips to cultivate unwavering confidence and courage, empowering entrepreneurs to triumph over the paralyzing fear of failure and judgment. With each question meticulously answered, listeners gain invaluable wisdom to transcend emotional barriers and propel their businesses to unprecedented heights. Tune in to unleash your inner leader and conquer the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship!

Steve is happy to develop a custom .PDF or other offering targeted to your specific audience!


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