In this engaging episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, hosted by Vicki Noethling, listeners are treated to an insightful interview with Shaun Deverson, an Honors qualified Civil and Environmental Engineer with over 25 years of diverse experience. With a background spanning the Defense, Mining, Transportation, and Construction domains, Shaun shares his expertise in leadership, sustainability, risk management, and complex project management.

The episode delves into Shaun’s journey, exploring his motivations for creating Lighthouse Futures and his perspectives on the decline in employee engagement and retention. Shaun sheds light on Transition Sensemaking and provides a deep dive into the true state of our operating environment. Listeners gain valuable insights into Seachart Development and explore the three fundamental principles guiding Shaun’s approach: Consciousness, systems thinking, and experience-based management.

Throughout the conversation, Vicki Noethling skillfully navigates the interview, posing questions that uncover Shaun’s wealth of knowledge and experience. From the challenges of starting the journey to the keys to successful leadership, Shaun offers practical advice and reflections. As the episode unfolds, listeners are sure to be inspired by the transformative practices discussed, making it a must-listen for those eager to enhance their leadership skills.

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The first 10 who contact Shaun through his website,, will receive 30 minutes’ worth of free coaching/ advisory services.

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