Welcome to another enlightening episode of The Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast with your host, Vicki Noethling! Today, we delve into the world of real estate investment and asset protection with none other than Scott Royal Smith.

Scott’s journey to success is nothing short of remarkable. A true entrepreneur at heart, he ventured into business while still in law school, purchasing and managing an auto mechanic shop to fund his education. After donning the graduation cap, he embarked on a career as a high-stakes corporate litigator, a role that honed his skills in real estate investment and asset protection over the next decade.

Today, Scott stands as the Founder and CEO of Royal Legal Solutions, a company dedicated to providing tax, business, and legal strategies across the United States and Canada. His mission? To empower individuals with the knowledge to safeguard their assets, preventing debilitating lawsuits.

In this riveting episode, Vicki delves deep into Scott’s expertise, uncovering the keys to protecting your properties from lawsuits, utilizing retirement accounts for investment, building your dream investment team, and the essential tips for asset protection. This conversation connects the dots between legal, tax, and investment advice, offering listeners a holistic understanding.

Don’t miss the rapid-fire segment where Scott shares his love for the outdoors and the best advice that he received a decade ago.

If you’re eager to fortify your financial future and explore the world of asset protection, this episode is your golden ticket. Tune in and get ready to elevate your financial IQ!

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Scott has created a unique URL for our listeners to have access to the Royal Academy Vault, where they have free access to a library of information on how to better protect themselves as investors and set up their business safely and correctly.

Link for the Royal Vault: https://vault.royallegalsolutions.com/spaces/11580578/content

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