In this engaging episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, host Vicki Noethling sits down with the dynamic and heart-centered entrepreneur, Phebe Trotman, based in Vancouver, Canada. Phebe, a former soccer champion with multiple Hall of Fame inductions and a thriving career in network marketing, shares her inspiring journey of personal success and the importance of a team-centered approach. The conversation delves into Phebe’s entrepreneurial beginnings, the challenges she faced, and her passion for helping others unlock their potential.

The interview explores the motivation behind Phebe’s recently published book, addressing questions such as how she started as an entrepreneur, the challenges she encountered, and the unique aspects of her book. Phebe reveals the inspiration behind the book and its target audience, emphasizing her commitment to personal growth and the belief that achieving one’s full potential can inspire positive change.

During the rapid-fire round, Phebe provides valuable insights, sharing a transformative activity that has fueled her personal growth, offering a piece of advice for listeners on their journey to creating a fulfilling life, and hinting at what’s next for her. Overall, the episode showcases Phebe Trotman as a powerful force for positive change, weaving personal anecdotes and practical wisdom into a compelling narrative of resilience and empowerment.

Get a free chapter from the book on my website. This complimentary chapter includes the “Reflections on Resilience” exercise, along with a QR code that leads to a short video from one of the contributors. The video features a powerful story that will undoubtedly have a profound impact.

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