In a captivating episode of the “Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast,” host Vicki Noethling engages with Kirk McCarley, renowned as The Seed Sower Coach, drawing upon his extensive 30-year executive leadership background in both public and private sectors. Kirk’s multifaceted career includes being a Certified and Accredited Professional Coach, a Professional in Human Resources, and an ESPN Production Assistant. He opens up about his journey, describing how his diverse roles emerged and converged. Through coaching, Kirk has gained profound self-insights, understanding his own growth as he nurtures others’ development. Faith is a cornerstone of his approach, driving his dedication to helping clients realize their God-given potential. Kirk astutely differentiates coaching from counseling, emphasizing the forward-looking and action-oriented nature of coaching. His roles as a Spinning Instructor and ESPN Production Assistant seamlessly complement his coaching expertise, fostering his holistic approach to individual betterment.

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