Join us in this captivating episode of the “Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast” featuring guest Kimberly Williams, a transformational coach with a remarkable journey. With a staggering 796 hours of training, five expert certifications, and top-tier training in Neurolinguistic-based Transformational Coaching from three distinguished programs over the past 8 years, Kim has honed her skills to craft a proven process for achieving genuine alignment with your goals at a soul level. Tune in to discover Kim’s insights on navigating toxic workplaces, handling HR roadblocks, and rectifying common mistakes made by companies dealing with workplace issues. Listen to the thought-provoking discussions and gain valuable advice from Kim on facing workplace abuses. Plus, don’t miss the rapid-fire round where Kim shares her hopeful vision for the future of work and exposes common pitfalls in HR’s approach to handling workplace abuses.

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