Entrepreneurs and small business owners stand to gain invaluable insights from this podcast episode as they navigate the complexities of leadership in their respective ventures. By tuning in, they can learn from Kathy Hadizadeh’s wealth of experience in corporate and entrepreneurial realms, gaining practical strategies for fostering human-centered leadership within their own organizations. Whether grappling with stress, burnout, or the cultivation of a personal brand, the episode offers actionable advice tailored to the unique challenges faced by those in the startup and small business landscape. By integrating mindfulness practices and honing leadership skills, entrepreneurs can enhance their competitive edge and drive sustainable growth for their businesses. Tune in to gain essential wisdom for leading with confidence and compassion in today’s dynamic business environment.

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Kathy offers a Business Master Class for Corporate Leaders and Entrepreneurs: Master Breakthrough Leadership without Burnout In this master class, She shares the 4 Shifts High Achievers Make to Master Breakthrough Leadership without Burnout.


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