In this empowering episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, hosted by the insightful Vicki Noethling, transformational expert Joanna Armstrong shares her profound insights gained from 15 years of helping clients break free from the shackles of stress, insecurities, anxiety, and imposter syndrome. Joanna’s liberating science-based technique, which blends EFT-tapping, EMDR, and Positive Psychology, has garnered admiration and gratitude from countless individuals seeking emotional liberation.

During the interview, Joanna delves into her own journey, discussing her book “Stop Stress and Worry” and the reasons behind the instantaneous nature of emotional change. Listeners gain valuable insights into trusting intuition over fleeting feelings, and Joanna challenges the belief that going through struggles is an inevitable part of life and business. She emphasizes the pivotal role of feelings and mindset, arguing their importance over strategy. The conversation culminates in Joanna revealing the three simplest steps to attain deep joy and satisfaction in both personal and professional life.

Tune in to discover Joanna Armstrong’s transformative wisdom, as she guides you through a journey of emotional liberation and resilience. Join Vicki Noethling and Joanna in exploring the keys to lasting confidence and well-being.

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