In this episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast hosted by Vicki Noethling, renowned psychologist, and happiness coach Jisunny Fisher delves into the secrets of confidence and self-discovery. With her expertise in guiding entrepreneurs and empaths, Jisunny shares invaluable insights on finding direction and reigniting passion for life. From her academic journey at prestigious institutions like Columbia University to her personal passions like hiking and tarot reading, Jisunny’s multifaceted approach to happiness shines through. With engaging anecdotes and thoughtful responses, she tackles questions ranging from her favorite ways to unwind to controversial opinions she’s unafraid to discuss. This episode, titled “How to Be Confident Wherever You Are,” is a must-listen for anyone seeking empowerment and self-assurance. Join the conversation as Jisunny Fisher shares her wisdom and inspires listeners to embrace their true selves. For more empowering content, visit SEO Keywords: confidence, self-discovery, happiness coaching, leadership, empowerment, self-assurance.

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