In this inspiring episode of “Find Your Leadership Confidence,” host Vicki Noethling engages in a captivating conversation with the esteemed Dr. Jennifer Harrison, a seasoned dissertation coach and PhD holder herself. Dr. Jen’s extensive experience spans over a decade, providing invaluable guidance to first-generation, ESL, and non-traditional students both in the UK and the USA, with a particular focus on BIPOC and women of color, echoing her own background. Many of her clients have achieved remarkable success, securing first-class degrees under her expert tutelage. Dr. Harrison’s expertise encompasses writing, research design, motivation, and research methods, all aimed at accelerating dissertation and career aspirations while nurturing self-assuredness.

During the episode, Vicki delves into pressing questions, such as how to discern if pursuing a dissertation or graduate degree aligns with one’s aspirations and what individuals can anticipate in their graduate journey. Dr. Harrison also candidly addresses the key challenges that often plague dissertation students and imparts invaluable strategies for surmounting these obstacles. Furthermore, the episode explores the pervasive issue of imposter syndrome and uncovers Dr. Harrison’s top tips for managing and conquering it.

As the interview concludes, the “Rapid Fire” segment provides a glimpse into Dr. Harrison’s personal motivations and preferences, offering a well-rounded perspective on this accomplished professional. The episode serves as a beacon of insight and encouragement for those navigating the daunting world of academia, underlining the importance of confidence and support in achieving academic and career excellence.




Listeners can find out more about Dr. Jen’s dissertation coaching and use it to book a free session.

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