Do you know how to communicate with the powerful people who can move funding to support your research or hospital?

Do you want to inspire children to consider a future in STEM? Are you afraid of public speaking? Need to communicate the essence of your dissertation in simple language?

Want to become a better communicator to help your patients and their families?

Dr. Deborah Thomson shares tried-and-true strategies for you to use when communicating with children, navigating politics, and conversing with the public about science.

Offering a fresh look at science communication, Dr. Thomson draws on a rich trove of extraordinary experiences taken from the classroom, the veterinary hospital, and the office of a senior US Senator.

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Apply to join the “Lesson Leaders Program”, which improves the science communication skills of the volunteers while serving as STEM role models for children. Opportunities for One Health Lessons Ambassadors and interns are currently available.

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