In the latest episode of The Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, hosted by the dynamic Vicki Noethling, listeners are in for a captivating interview with none other than Chris Miles, the renowned Cash Flow Expert and self-proclaimed “Anti-Financial Advisor.” With an impressive track record featured in esteemed publications such as US News, CNN Money, and Entrepreneurs on Fire, Chris has earned his reputation for helping entrepreneurs and professionals transform their financial outlook.

During the episode, Vicki delves into thought-provoking questions, like why Chris labels himself the “Anti-Financial Advisor” and what’s happening in today’s unpredictable market. Listeners will gain valuable insights into the importance of passive income, the perils of relying solely on the stock market for retirement, and the best alternative investment strategies. Chris also unravels the secrets of using a whole life policy to multiply your wealth and lays out the roadmap to achieving financial freedom.

As the conversation heats up, a rapid-fire round challenges Chris to respond swiftly to intriguing word pairs. The episode’s treasure trove of financial wisdom even explores creative ways to discover hidden money within your existing financial situation and provides expert advice on vetting potential investments. Join Vicki Noethling and Chris Miles for a riveting podcast episode that promises to empower listeners with the knowledge to take control of their financial destinies.

Get Chris’ Passive Income Calculator that shows you how much passive income you could make in the next year if you follow his strategy. It gives listeners a baseline to see how close they are to financial freedom.

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