In this episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, hosted by Vicki Noethling, the guest is Chloe Porter, the CEO and Founder of The Synthesis of Wellness LLC. Chloe’s diverse background as a fashion and fitness model, engineer, and biohacker provides a unique perspective on health and wellness. Chloe’s journey took a remarkable turn as she battled health challenges like mold toxicity, Lyme disease, and a brain tumor, which ultimately led her to explore and develop 75 gut-healing tactics featured in her latest book, “75 Gut-Healing Strategies & Biohacks.”

During the interview, Chloe delves into her personal story, sharing how Lyme disease and mold toxicity can profoundly impact the gut. She explains how she discovered these underlying stealth infections and the steps she took to address them, with a specific focus on gut health. The discussion uncovers the gut issues she had to overcome and touches on some of the most effective gut-healing strategies from her book. Chloe’s journey is an inspiring testament to the power of optimizing one’s health and wellness and seeking joy and gratitude in the process.

Visit Chloe Porter’s brand website, and it will soon allow listeners to purchase the book “75 Gut-Healing Strategies & Biohacks” among other products. Her website also links to her podcast.

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