In this compelling episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, host Vicki Noethling interviews Brady Foulk, a dedicated dog trainer passionate about empowering puppies, dogs, and their owners for greater success and harmony. With years of hands-on experience in canine behavior, obedience, emotional support, and service dog training, Brady shares his insights on transforming the lives of dogs and their owners. Discover how Brady’s proactive mindset and innovative problem-solving methods turn pet owners into effective leaders, fostering a peaceful and loving home environment. From his favorite dog training transformations to overcoming the most challenging cases, Brady delves into the essentials of becoming a successful dog trainer and maintaining motivation in the business. Tune in to learn more about Brady and New Direction Dog Training and unlock the secrets to achieving a confident and happy canine companion. Keywords: dog training, canine behavior, obedience training, emotional support dogs, service dog training, pet owner leadership, New Direction Dog Training.

An expert in canine behavior and psychology. With a passion for empowering strong bonds between dogs and their owners. This free resource outlines the fundamental principles and Brady’s blueprint for success at home and around town. There is also a free community included to share wins, challenges, and connect to like-minded dog owners.

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