Have you ever wondered how women can truly change the world through leadership? In this episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, host Vicki Noethling interviews Belinda Clemmensen, a dynamic change-maker who passionately believes in women’s power to drive global change. Clemmensen, the founder of the Women’s Leadership Intensive, shares her mission to inspire, empower, support, and equip women to lead the transformative change the world desperately needs. Throughout the episode, she delves into the necessity of both equality and equity, the impact of the gender pay gap during the pandemic, and the crucial role of sponsorship for women leaders. Clemmensen also discusses how women can step into their power by connecting with their unique strengths and purpose to make a meaningful difference in their organizations and communities. Keywords: women’s leadership, global change, gender equity, women’s empowerment, leadership development, sponsorship for women.

Visit Belinda’s website and social media platforms to learn more and find a link to her book.


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