The “Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast” with Vicki Noethling features Angela Nibbs, a PR expert with over two decades of experience in strategic communication. Angela’s reputation is built on her mastery of strategic planning, compelling storytelling, and meticulous program management, which have propelled numerous companies towards their business goals. Her strong connections in Silicon Valley have made her a trusted advisor to influential business executives, venture capitalists, and journalists.

Angela’s diverse client portfolio includes tech giants like and VMware, startups like Chime and Glassdoor, and consumer brands such as Zazzle and Neutrogena. Her unique background as a former attorney enhances her strategic insights in the PR landscape. Angela’s leadership roles at renowned PR firms like H+K Strategies and Edelman Worldwide underscore her blend of strategic acumen, networking prowess, and narrative craftsmanship, making her a standout figure in the dynamic field of Public Relations. In this podcast episode, Angela discusses her approach to strategic planning, the importance of storytelling in PR, and shares insights on working with Silicon Valley influencers. She also delves into her strategies for catering to the unique needs of her diverse client base and debunks common misconceptions about Public Relations. Angela concludes by recounting a significant career challenge and the lessons learned from it. In a rapid-fire round, she provides insights on the evolution of the PR industry, leveraging influencers for business objectives, and the top leadership lessons she has acquired over the years.

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