In this episode of the Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast, hosted by Vicki Noethling, the spotlight is on Anastasia Lipske, the founder of Access Speakers, a renowned speaker and podcast booking agency. With an impressive track record of securing over 1,600 engagements for her clients, Anastasia is an expert in the language of speaker chairs and podcast hosts. The episode delves into the intriguing topic, “Why Podcast Guesting Isn’t Giving You the Returns You Expected.”

Anastasia’s energetic personality and passion for speaking and podcast guesting shine through as she shares insights on why these avenues are powerful marketing tools for gaining visibility and growing a business. The conversation explores practical strategies for finding relevant groups and podcasts, key branding practices for booking success, and common mistakes seen on speaker and podcast one-sheets.

The interview also addresses important questions, such as the decision to hire a Virtual Assistant or Speaker Agent, maximizing visibility from every talk or podcast appearance, and increasing opportunities for return invitations. The Rapid-Fire Questions segment covers crucial aspects like deepening connections with planners, promoting one’s business, and avoiding pitfalls that could lead to being blacklisted by event planners and podcast producers.

Listeners can expect a wealth of actionable advice and industry insights, making this episode a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their presence through speaking engagements and podcast appearances.

Listeners can request Anastasia’s e-book on using speaking to grow your business. Or sign up for her free monthly virtual Q&A, Speaker Agent Access. It’s your chance to ‘pick the brain’ of a speaker and podcast booking agent. Pure value, tons of fun, NOT a pitch fest, and one attendee will win a $250 consultation.

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