In this episode Vicki’s keynote speaker, Adam Hommey understands that transforming your social media connections and casual conversations at networking events into prospecting conversations about high-ticket deals can be cumbersome – not to mention scary. What if there was a way to easily and powerfully open more conversations that lead to more closed deals and more expanded opportunities over time! Your prospects are people – it’s good to give, it’s great to receive. Discover how launching and hosting your podcast as your key networking, client attraction, and celebrity expert branding tool puts reciprocity upfront and builds friendships – real friendships – that accelerate you through the “know, like, and trust” continuum so that the offers you make come across as invitations from a trusted friend rather than sales pitches! Adam says it’s easy, it’s effective – and most of all, it’s fun, possibly the most fun thing you’ll ever add to your marketing mix!

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