The “Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast,” hosted by Vicki Noethling, welcomes Aasha T. LaCount as its guest in this episode. Aasha is a Certified Emotional and Energetics Intelligence Facilitator and Keynote Speaker.  She works with clients from self-worth all the way to the Top 1 percent and high achievers.  In this episode they discuss what the push/pull dynamic is in relation to money, love, and weight management. They touch on what feminine embodiment is and how it makes men stronger.  They also talk about energy work and how it helps entrepreneurs get to their goals faster.  You will want to check out this episode to hear the answers to these questions which are only a few examples of what was shared.

Get a little taste of  Aasha’s work with a free 21-Day abundance activation. She has a LOT of these.  She has a 3-series video on Empathy, on Resilience, one for kids, one for entrepreneurs, so many for people to try.

Check out her Self-Worth Warriors Course.

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